Our Regiment - Mission Statement

This is the website of Infantrie Regiment 28 “Von Goeben” (re-created). We portray Musketiers of his Imperial Majesty Kaiser Wilhelm II, covering the period 1908 through to the
fall of the second Reich in 1918.

We cover all aspects of interest in the period: Marches in full equipment, gas attacks, trench raids, parades, garrison life and static public displays. Something for everyone. Women are welcomed too, portraying rear line nursing and the "Home front".

Our aim is for every musketier to have as close an experience to the period, short of actually being shot at!

We encourage all musketiers to have a good working knowledge of German, through singing, military instruction and commands.

In the trenches

Regiment Information

We are based throughout the UK and are currently recruiting across continental Europe. The events that we attend are in Germany, France, Belgium, UK and USA, conducting regular training and field exercises. The first uniform is that of the ‘Auf Marsch’ August 1914 and from this other impression can follow. We also regularly portray the peacetime army in 'Dunkelblau'.

 And finally, we are friendly, disciplined and welcome new Kameraden! Take a Look at our
  photos in the gallery (a picture speaks a thousand words!) and join us today.
   Heil Dir im Siegerskranz!

Joining the Infantrie Regiment

To join the regiment please visit the join page. Let us know your age, full name and include all contact details, with a full home address, and we will do the rest. If however you would like to start your own squad we can let you know how you can go about it.